Geist Environet & Racknet

Environet achieves the operational efficiencies for which Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCiM) solutions was intended. 

Environet provides the data granularity required for efficient management of the data center. With unprecedented visibility and management over environmentals, power consumption and cooling, Environet transforms complexity into simplicity. Its interactive interface delivers critical information to drive knowledge-based decision making. Access to real-time, holistic information about assets, power, environment and process empowers users to proactively manage moves, adds and changes. With Environet, decisions are made with speed and confidence, not guesswork.
Environet’s graphically rich interface and intuitive design make monitoring the data center easier than ever before. With SNMP, Modbus, BACnet and LONworks capability, Environet communicates in real-time with a variety of equipment from many manufacturers. Users can access Environet remotely through a Web-based user interface and Environet sends immediate notifications when an alarm condition is triggered.  Geist believes in arming users with the most essential DCiM functionality. By employing this targeted simplified approach, Geist has focused on developing Environet’s strengths in four core areas, real-time Monitoring, capacity planning, automated control, asset management .

The Racknet family offers vendor-neutral options to integrate and manage a variety of mission-critical equipment.

Manage IT and white space with a single point of integration. The Racknet family offers vendor-neutral options to integrate and manage a variety of mission-critical equipment. User-defined graphics, calculations and reports allow for a holistic view of the entire data center.
Racknet is designed primarily to give visualization to rack level data and white space. Racknet can be set up and configured by users or by a professional installer and is capable of being 100 percent user maintained. Racknet uses an SNMP auto-discovery tool to make configuration fast and easy, while template devices make adding equipment to the system simple. Racknet is shipped pre-installed on a server for quick set up.

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