Packet Power

Packet Power provides the easiest way to capture detailed power consumption information.

Wireless monitoring devices:

  • Smart Power Cables offering a flexible, simple to install and highly granular way of capturing power consumption and temperature information.
  • Wireless Smart PDUs provide a fast and easy way to incorporate monitoring when adding new cabinets.
  • Power monitoring integrated into overhead busway power systems such as Starline from Universal Electric Corp. to maximize flexibility and ease of deployment.
  • Environmental Monitors that provide an easy-to-install wireless monitoring solution for capturing detailed data on temperature, relative humidity, differential pressure and dry contact switches.

Analytical, reporting and management tools:

  • The EMX energy portal that makes it easy access to real-time and historical energy usage information.
  • Power Manager software that tailors your monitoring system to your data center.
  • SNMP Connectivity  and Modbus TCP/IP Connectivity link the wireless monitoring devices to your existing data center monitoring software.

Key Features

  • Accurately measures true energy usage
  • Supports monitoring in the rack (at both device and circuit levels) and at the power distribution panel.
  • Secure wireless network makes installation easy
  • Scales from small facilities to multiple enterprise data centers
  • Supports 120 to 240V power up to 2,000 amps in single and three-phase
  • Wide range of IEC, NEMA, Hubbell, RussellStoll and other connector types
  • Start small and grow - get started for under $2,500


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