Rationalize Your I&O Assets by Cost and Business Value: The Three Rs Approach


Infrastructure and operations (I&O) organizations are constantly getting their hands tied, due to budgetary constraints, when it comes to refreshing their I&O and data centers. Tightly coupled and backward-integrated systems are making the lives of I&O teams very difficult in terms of finding a way to replace the inefficient legacy systems with more costeffective, agile, flexible and high-performance, newer technology and service options. Gartner ITScore for I&O data shows that more than 90% of I&O teams are below Level 3 overall. Approximately 50% are self-assessing their maturity in the tools attribute in the technology dimension at below Level 3. These findings show that I&O teams are lacking the people and process management maturity to be able to leverage the latest innovations in I&O tools and technologies...