Dhaani Systems

Dhaani Systems has developed industry's FIRST network-based energy management platform for IT equipment. Dhaani Systems is a Silicon Valley-based company, founded by seasoned executives with many successful prior start-up experiences.

The DhaaniStar™ appliance provides one of the easiest ways to improve energy efficiency of the IT infrastructure. The DhaaniStar is an easy to deploy and maintain appliance that has demonstrated energy cost savings of 50% to 90% at various customers, including complex environments.


The DhaaniStar is a single platform solution that cuts companies costs of running IT equipment in half. The DhaaniStar is able to deliver far greater energy savings compared to other solutions due to patent-pending technology that adaptively predicts energy savings opportunities for each individual device under its management. With its ease of installation and management, it maximizes user satisfaction and ensures that no loss of productivity occurs.

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