ECS Warranty on older KVM Switches

ECS Advanced Replacement Warranty // Emerson Network Power (Avocent) and Raritan Computer no longer offer Advanced Replacement Extended Warranties on any hardware labeled as End of Life (EOL) or at its 4 year mark from date of purchaset. Avocent & Raritan both do offer a Trade in program. Please contact us if you are interested in upgrading to the latest technology. Enterprise Control Systems (ECS) has a large number of customers that have purchased Avocent and Raritan KVM switches in the past. Several of our current customers in the public and private sector have requested continuation of the Extended Warranty service.

In order to meet the needs of our customers ECS offers advance replacement warranty service for specific Avocent & Raritan KVM switches that are no longer eligible for coverage by the manufacturer. As part of this service Enterprise Control Systems keeps reconditioned shelf spares on hand. Once it has been determined that a covered item has a hardware defect a reconditioned, like unit (same model number or newer) advanced replacement will be send out the next business day.

The ECS Warranty Offering is valid only for items that are in good working order prior to the start of coverage. Any item that is not working properly prior to the beginning of coverage is expressly not covered by the ECS Advanced Replacement coverage.

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