Device 42

Device42Discovery & Asset Management For Data Center & Cloud

Accurate, comprehensive and current insight into your computing environment. Provides the data you need to manage, transform, and optimize with confidence. Seamless integration with your existing service management and DevOps toolsets.


CMDB for the Cloud Era
Device42’s CMDB provides a single source of truth within your organization. Device42 gives you a clear view into your IT ecosystem to identify, manage, and verify all configuration items (CI) in your environment.

Data Center Management
Device42’s powerful data center infrastructure management (DCIM) capabilities have revolutionized the way IT departments manage their data centers. With powerful data center visualization tools, IT staff now have access to intelligent data center diagrams that accurately reflect their IT environment.

IT Asset Management

Device42 provides comprehensive IT asset management capabilities including powerful asset auto-discovery and configurable asset types to completely document all IT assets across your infrastructure deployment.

Device Discovery
Populate your CMDB fast with an extensive range of automatic network discovery tools for physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures. Increase efficiency and maximize productivity by getting clear visibility into what you have while promoting transparency company-wide.

Application Mappings
Device42 provides data center managers with an automatically generated, centralized repository of application, service and device relationships and dependencies whether running on premises on physical machines, on virtual machines, or in the cloud.

Software License Management
Using Device42’s powerful agentless software discovery process, organizations can create and maintain a comprehensive, accurate profile of the software deployed on Windows and Linux machines across the entire IT infrastructure — from the server to the desktop level.

Device42 discovers hardware, software, and application dependencies. View charts that identify and track all of your physical and logical components, relationships, and their interdependencies.

Automatic application discovery creates dependency maps and charts that highlight the impact of any discovered application, whether contemplating a migration or a change control. Easy to consume list pages and charts are Visio compatible, too!

Easily build move groups, or report on any application dependencies in your desired format – Excel, CSV, or a direct connection to an external database. Flexible APIs let you manipulate data your way and integrate Device42 with other products, too!

Integration with Other Tools

Device42 integrates natively with tools like JIRA, Confluence, ServiceNow, Splunk, Slack, Logstash, Zapier, StackStorm, Ansible, Puppet, Chef and many more.


Device42 integrates with many popular applications used in managing IT Infrastructure such as ITSM and orchestration. These integrations can enhance performance and usability of IT management systems. In addition to webhooks and an extensive, well documented RESTful API, Device42 provides various connectors that make integrations easy and effective, and automation possibilities nearly endless!

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