Enterprise Control Systems has partnered with Epicenter because of their dedication to develop and deliver creative, cost-effective hardware and software solutions that address the many problems faced by Information Technology professionals in the management of large, server-based computer facilities. Epicenter is committed to deliver tools to harness the growing complexity and power densities across the entire Data Center.


The Epicenter solutions provide the industries first complete rack infrastructure management solution delivering complete control over:

  • Data Center Power Management and Reporting
  • Remote Console Access to Servers and Network Devices
  • Environmental Reporting
  • Capacity Planning
  • Asset Management
  • Structured Cabling


Synaptix CabinetsSEMA



Epicenter delivers the industry's most creative, cost-effective solutions for local and global Data Center management. More and more, IT departments are tasked with running Data Centers cost-effectively, reducing equipment investments, server downtime and service calls to the field. Epicenter solutions deliver the most powerful, consolidated solutions for managing Data Centers as effectively as profit centers.

Epicenter's latest innovation, the Centerline™ Managed Rack Infrastructure sets new standards for KVM-over-IP management of remote and local data centers by consolidating the functionality of disparate management systems, logins and user interfaces into a cohesive, single-box solution. Centerline saves companies time and money, improves Asset Management and overcomes performance issues that compromised earlier solutions.

Epicenter's industry-standard KVM solutions feature one-stop management integrating a switch, TFT display, and keyboard/mouse control into highly consolidated solutions that integrate functionality previously provided by 3 or 4 different products. 


Enterprise Control Systems is proud to offer sales and service support for all of Epicenter's solutions:



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