Uptime Devices

Uptime Devices is the leading provider of environmental monitoring appliances. Developed to bridge the gap between facilities and IT staffs in enterprise level network systems, Uptime Devices monitors the physical layer of a network without the need for a software application. Uptime Devices' award winning products facilitate centralized monitoring of remote locations anywhere in the world.


Uptime Devices' SensorHubs allow you to easily monitor and manage all of your critical environmental needs in your home, security, small business, corporate, or government networks. With these devices you will be able to maintain the safety of all your network server rooms at a low cost to you.

Uptime Devices' Environmental Sensors are equipped with better accuracy and easier to manage. The Auto Sense capability that the sensors have gives you the freedom to use any sensor in any open port, instead of designated ports. Uptime Devices' Environmental Sensors also gives you the capability to measure, monitor, and prevent almost any environmental problem that may disrupt your network environment (s).

In addition, Uptime Devices offers Network Management Utilities for Data Collection, Network Monitoring, and Event-Based Scripting. Uptime Devices specializes in SNMP applications and network and web enabled technologies. In addition to their proprietary software, Uptime Devices integrates with and offers third party plug-in utilities for leading network management software.

Contact ECS to learn more. We carry the complete line of Uptime Devices' SensorHubs, Environmental Sensors, and Administrative Tools.

Uptime Devices SHPro
Uptime Devices SensorHub


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