Subzero Engineering

Subzero Engineering was founded in 2005. Since then, we have lead the industry in data center containment and airflow management.

We custom design, manufacture and install hot aisle and cold aisle containment systems. Our cutting edge manufacturing facility located in Utah enables us to create custom containment systems that have a superior fit and finish as well as incredible durability. We also have highly skilled and trained technicians performing installation services. Combined, our people design, manufacture, and install custom intelligent containment to fully optimize your data center cooling.

In addition to hot and cold aisle containment, Subzero offers Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCiM) services that integrates containment with environmental monitoring and control systems.

Since its inception, Subzero Engineering has helped numerous companies, including many Fortune 100 companies, make the most of their data center cooling by creating a more energy efficient data center through using custom designed hot and cold aisle containment.


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