Why Partner with ECS for Your Next Micro Datacenter?

Why should you contact Enterprise Control Systems (ECS) if you are interested in a Micro or Mini Computer Room or Datacenter?

Our value proposition:

Enterprise Control Systems does not build or make Micro or Mini Datacenters. Below is a short list of how Enterprise Control Systems (ECS) can help you identify the best solution for your needs,

  • We can save you time in your search.
    • We already work with the major suppliers of these products
    • We have years of experience in building out Mini and Micro data center projects.
    • We can ask the right questions to make sure you choose the best option.
    • With one phone call you can start the process with multiple manufacturers.
    • When we learn about your specific requirements we can help guide you towards the manufacturers and suppliers that are the best fit.
    • Lead times are always an important component. Let’s focus on the suppliers that can meet your needs.
  • You only pay ECS if you purchase the quoted solution.
    • There is no obligation. In fact we expect that you will get competitive quotes once you determine the best solution.
    • All that we ask is that you are honest and communicate when/if you determine this is not a good fit or you are going a new direction.
  • We can mix and match from multiple suppliers to find the best solution that meets your needs.
    • Order a preconfigured pretested solution from a single Vendor or customize a solution from multiple vendors based on your requirements.
    • Our alliance is to you and making sure you receive the best solution.

Here are some of the companies involved in supplying micro and mini datacenters:

  • Schneider Electric - APC
  • Enconnex
  • Eaton
  • Rittal
  • Vertiv – Liebert and Avocent
  • We also work with a number of other component manufacturers that have products that can be integrated into the final solution:
    • Legrand – Server Tech & Raritan
    • Adder
    • Aten
    • Device 42
    • Modius
    • Nlyte
    • Packet Power
    • RF Code
    • Sub Zero
    • Uplogix
    • Upsite Technologies
    • Windchill Engineering.
    • ZTE

Here are some of the components that can be incorporated into a Mini or Micro Datacenter:

  • Rack
  • Cooling
  • Back up fans
  • UPS – Back up Power
  • Power Distribution – Rack PDU’s
  • Environmental monitoring – Temp/Humidity/Leak detection/Other
  • Physical Security – Biometric or standard door locks and camera’s & Sensors
  • Fire Suppression
  • Remote access – KVM or Console Server
  • Remote physical access – Remote door lock open
  • DCIM – Data Center Infrastructure Software

Whether your requirements call for a single Back up power (UPS) Solution or a complex multi-console switch with integrated Video Wall, ECS will help design a solution tailored to your situation. ECS provides system consulting, design and installation services to companies throughout the United States.
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