Emerson Network Power Trellis

trellis_logo_1_.jpgThe Trellis™ Dynamic Infrastructure Optimization Platform

Delivering Confidence through Connection


There’s a simple golden rule for IT and facilities organizations: Make the right decisions to maintain high availability, maximize efficiency and optimize the use of existing capacity. But in the modern data center, this is easier said than done. Constant change, complex infrastructure and rapid growth demand IT and facilities work together to keep the data center running at peak performance.


Too often static and isolated, today’s data centers offer only a fragmented view of the infrastructure between IT and facilities. This leads to more downtime, costly inefficiencies and wasted capacity. For data centers to thrive in the future, they must be able to monitor, manage and measure their assets using an integrated, cost-efficient and real-time solution.

Make Smarter, Faster Decisions with the Trellis™ Platform

Emerson Network Power is revolutionizing data center management with the Trellis real-time infrastructure optimization platform. An entirely new solution for infrastructure management, the Trellis platform offers unprecedented visibility into critical infrastructures and the impact of change. The Trellis platform will monitor everything in the data center, providing a thorough understanding of system dependencies to help your IT and facilities organizations keep the data center running at peak performance. With this unified and complete solution, you gain the power to see the real situation in your data center, make the right decision and take action with confidence.

The Trellis platform offers unprecedented visibility and control over your critical infrastructure.

See.Visualize all critical data center information and know the real situation (in real time or historical trending)

Decide. Leverage the ability of theTrellis platform to analyze data center status information and deliver deep insight into the interplay between efficiency, availability and capacity to make well-grounded decisions

Act.Take actions with confidence and immediately validate the effects, assessing the impact on data center infrastructure

Control Your Data Center Operations

The Trellis™ platform will provide comprehensive, real-time insight into your data center and the interplay between IT and facility components.

The Trellis platform maps your data center so that all changes can have their effects predicted—from shifting virtual machines between servers to adding loaded racks into a corner of the room—and you can avoid problems and unnecessary downtime.

A modular solution that fits every size company, the Trellis platform taps into servers, routers, storage, power distribution units, environmental monitors and more to intelligently aggregate, analyze and react to change and loads placed on the physical infrastructure. And with the multi-functional Avocent® Universal Management Gateway appliance aggregating KVM, serial and service processor functionality with environmental and physical monitoring capabilities, you gain access and control of every device in the data center.

þ Comprehensive visibility provides meaningful views to IT and facilities, making it far easier to collaborate, plan and control changes, proactively prevent downtime, discover hidden capacity and calculate actual data center costs.

þ Holistic monitoring and alarm management visually present information for every asset so that you fully understand the current or likely impact of changes on your operations, power consumption and cooling demands.

þ Real-time event processing detects user-defined events and optionally automates device management, providing immediate insight and remedy so that you can increase data center management efficiency and proactively forestall outages.

Inventory Manager

Reduce time and costs for floor and zone space management with a real-time, comprehensive

inventory down to every asset’s floor or rack position.

Change Planner

Increase control over change with real-time data based on actual consumption and capacity, a preview of

impact and precise instructions for implementing each change.

Site Manager

    Maintain service-level agreements and assure continuity with detailed real-time data about environment

    operating status and site conditions combined with event management and alarm notifications.

Energy Insight

    Understand energy use and costs and know exactly where efficiency losses are occurring with current

    and historical efficiency metrics including PUE and DCiE.

Power System Manager

    Forestall outages, manage and expose power system dependencies with complete views into system

    resource utilization and capacity.

Mobile Suite

    Provides remote access to the data center which allows users to view, edit and respond to key information from their mobile devices.

Empower Every Member of Your Data Center Team

The Trellis™ platform provides every member of your data center team with the right knowledge at the right time. With a unified view of the infrastructure, your IT and facilities teams can see what has and is occurring in the data center, intelligently decide on the best plan, take the right action and accurately assess the impact.