Network-based IT Energy Efficiency

Dhaani Systems takes a new more intelligent approach to managing the power consumed by your IT Hardware. The DhaaniStar appliance is the first network-based IT Energy Management appliance that uses Predictive Analytics instead of Policies, which is why it is twice as effective as other competitive solutions. 

The patent-pending technology is clientless and uses computer Auto-Discovery, which is why it is easily installed in less than 30 minutes for managing 250 computers.  The product includes support for Windows XP and later, Mac OS X, and various flavors of Linux.

You can read more by exploring this DhanniStar Product Brief.

Reasons to look at Dhaani Systems:

  • No Client to Install
  • ROI in as little as 1 year
  • Simple to install, simple to manage
  • Local Utilities may offer incentives
  • Up to 80% energy savings on desktops and up to 50% energy savings per year per Server.

Solution Highlights:

Makes deployment easy:  quick set up and configuration
Energy savings without productivity loss:  Machines ready when users are
Simple to maintain:  Minimal intervention to maximize energy savings.
Reports and dashboard:  Summary and detailed reports showing energy usage and savings across campuses and multiple geographic locations.

  • Accurate calculates energy costswithout additional hardware using proprietary technology
  • Automatically ensures adequate compute capacity is available 24x7 using patented        REAL-TIME PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS
  • Product works without any impairment to business productivity - It doesn’t need to intervene to realize savings
  • Dashboard view  -  monitor the operation & savings from anywhere in the world, in real-time
  • Support for virtualized and bare-metal systems under power management

Dhaani Systems is installed at UC Berkley and they saved 83%! (Case study avilable)


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