Data Center: Build vs Buy


Computing architecture and systems continue to con- stantly  evolve  by their very nature.  The latest  technolo- gies, such as virtualization and cloud computing, are the current darlings and buzzwords of the industry, nonethe- less, the need to support them still depends on a physical data center.
Build vs Buy is an age-old question for many industries.  It is sometimes driven by hard number-crunching  business analytics, while in some cases it is controlled by human emotion and ego or simply out of habit.  Some issues can be clearly defined, such as cost and availability of capital and time to market, while other factors such as market reputation and perceived strength, are a little fuzzier.
There is an emerging trend which is growing rapidly  to- ward outsourcing the data center as many organizations re-evaluate the need to build, own and operate their own data centers. They are either outsourcing it in whole or in part, in an effort  to concentrate  their resources  on their core business.
While building, owning and operating a data center could be seen by some as a normal part of any business  with a P/L statement, it differs significantly  for an Enterprise customer vs. a Colocation, Hosting, Managed Services Provider or Cloud Provider.
For  Enterprise  data  centers,  the  equation  may  not  be as clear  cut as an item  on their  normal  P/L statement, since the “Profit”  related to the data center is somewhat subjective, however reliable computing is critical to the ...

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