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There are many different types of Environmental monitoring solutions. The best solution depends on what you are trying to accomplish and what current Infrastructure you already have in place. Do you have any existing Software used for monitoring? Do you have an existing UPS with a network card? Do you have an Intelligent Rack Power Distribution Unit (Rack PDU) that has existing environmental Monitoring Ports?

There are many types of monitoring Solutions. From a fully independent stand alone system that is hardwired. To a Wireless Mesh network. Or a simple Temp/Humidity Sensor that is attached to your existing UPS or Rack PDU. Please give us a call or email us and we can help you sort through the options.



Vertiv Environmental Monitoring

IT WatchDog's Environmental Monitors enable you to keep an eye on remote conditions in critical areas for environmental factors including temperature, humidity, airflow, light, sound, door position, power and much more. Get alerts for abnormal conditions via Email, SMS & SNMP traps.

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Vertiv Environmental Monitoring solutions

Vertiv Environmental Monitoring Solutions

Veriv's monitoring line of products allows users to observe conditions from a secure Web interface and receive SNMP, email, text message or voice call*  alert notifications when environmental sensors detect a problem. The Web interface displays environmental measurements including temperature, humidity, airflow, light, sound, power, water detection and more. Measurements are logged to track trends. Digital sensors can be controlled by programmed values or manually through the Web interface.

Digital and Analog Sensors: A complete line of sensors are available to connect to Vertiv's monitoring line. The data from these sensors can be collected and stored with Vertiv’s DCiM solutions, or viewed through an online Web interface.

Monitoring with Power Strips: Many Vertiv power strips include environmental capabilities embedded in the units. Analog and digital sensors plug directly into the power strip, and data is delivered to the remote online view for easy monitoring.

APC NetBotz 200 & 400

APCnetbotz0Best value security and environmental monitoring for network closet to data centers intrusion prevention

The NetBotz 400 offers high performance security and environmental monitoring to prevent network intrusion. The NetBotz 400 is capable of video surveillance and monitoring to record human activity. It provides temperature, humidity, door contact, dry contact, spot leak, vibration, smoke and 2-way audio monitoring.

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Packet Power

Packet Power provides the easiest way to capture detailed power consumption information.

Wireless monitoring devices:

  • Smart Power Cables offering a flexible, simple to install and highly granular way of capturing power consumption and temperature information.
  • Wireless Smart PDUs provide a fast and easy way to incorporate monitoring when adding new cabinets.
  • Power monitoring integrated into overhead busway power systems such as Starline from Universal Electric Corp. to maximize flexibility and ease of deployment.
  • Environmental Monitors that provide an easy-to-install wireless monitoring solution for capturing detailed data on temperature, relative humidity, differential pressure and dry contact switches.

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RF Code

RF Code provides open, secure wire-free environmental and power monitoring and real-time IT asset tracking solutions that reduce the time and cost of discovering, tracking, and monitoring IT assets and the environments in which they’re located. Used by F100 companies, large governmental agencies, leading healthcare institutions, among others, our offerings are the market’s most affordable, easiest to deploy solutions. They easily integrating into a customer’s existing technology infrastructure, enabling data centers, IT, facilities, and building professionals, among others, to cost-effectively leverage information RF Code captures.

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