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logo geist lge 01Vertiv Geist designs and manufactures intelligent hardware and software for the four cornerstones of data center management: Power. Cool. Monitor. Manage. Independently, each Geist product line offers industry leading capabilities and technology. Together, these products combine to create a comprehensive system for maintaining a secure and efficient data center. With a host of scalable systems for single cabinets, an entire enterprise and everything in between, each customer benefits from solutions that are custom fit for their specific needs.

The Vertiv Geist culture has revolved around the customer for more than 60 years, and it’s evident in the way we do business today.

Vertiv Geist account managers, engineers and inside sales representatives work together with each customer before the sale, and continue to support them for as long as they use Geist equipment. They identify the root of each challenge to deliver the right solution.

It’s this same customer focus that has motivated Geist to become a world leader in designing and manufacturing sophisticated data center management solutions for the four cornerstones of operations—power, cooling, monitoring and management.

Vertiv Geist began by providing power and telecommunications hardware management equipment. Every situation demanded unique solutions, so Geist avoided the "one-size-fits-all" model and worked to tailor their offerings for each customer.

1948 - Geist begins operations supplying power and telecommunications hardware management tools to rapidly growing business markets
1994 - Geist manufactures first rack mount power strip
1997 - Group founded in 1993 by Sam Featherston acquires Geist Manufacturing
2003 - Intelligent power strips are designed
2007 - Geist develops sophisticated cooling technology
2009 - Environet data center management software is launched
2010 - Manufacturing expands to European office
2011 - Geist becomes a global solutions provider for Power, Cool, Monitor, Manage
2018 - Vertiv Acquires Geist and expands their Rack PDU portfolio  

Company Facts

  • Privately held 20% employee owned
  • Worldwide headquarters in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA
  • Offices and manufacturing: 14 locations in the USA, one in China, and three in Europe
  • Customers in six continents
  • More than 320 employees worldwide
  • 65,200 square foot manufacturing facility in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA
  • Established in 1948, with 63 years of continuous growth
  • 20% average growth year-over-year for past three years
  • Partnerships in the UK, China, Taiwan, France, Australia, Singapore and South Africa

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