Colocation Services

Many mid-­size and smaller companies are facing the prospects of outsourcing their infrastructure to a colocation facility for the first time. The economic climate, bundled with trends toward outsourcing and an abundant supply of retail and wholesale data center space, are forcing in-­house data center operators to present management with colocation options.

The market is saturated with data centers of all shapes and sizes, as well as carriers, hosting providers and REITs all competing for retail colocation clients. How can you swiftly evaluate what options are most ideal for your particular needs? Put our experts' competitive intelligence and experience to work for you. Give ECS a call and see how we can help.
Here are seven overarching areas to consider when evaluating a colocation provider:
  1. Corporate Profile
  2. Geographic Location
    1. Environmental threats
    2. Proximity to related environments
  3. Physical Structure
  4. Security, Compliance and Regulatory Controls
    1. Certifications
    2. Access Controls
  5. Reliability of Critical Systems
    1. Core, Critical and Conditioned Power
    2. Environmental Controls
    3. Air Handling, Heat Rejection and Water
  6. Network Connectivity and On-­Net Providers
    1. Direct Connect to Cloud Service Provider(s)
    2. Latency requirements
  7. Service & Support Portfolio
    1. Staffing
    2. Breadth of Services
    3. SLA’s

A thorough knowledge and understanding of key areas will enable you to make sound decisions. Spend time with us before you start your search to conduct a thorough needs assessment and requirements definition. This time spent up front, to agree on the most specific business, technical and cultural requirements, will save time and money throughout the process. Not only will you narrow your discussions to only those data center operators who truly meet your needs, but your short list of providers will swiftly return a more valuable proposal.


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