The Rules of Cloud Sourcing


This report drills down into key IaaS provider selection criteria so you understand the technical underpinnings and strategic implications that can affect your business. It is intended to instill the confidence in IT decision makers and purchasing managers so that they can use this document to quickly answer basic questions about IaaS selection criteria, such as:
  • What are the various IaaS models and how does each model function within our current business structure?
  • How important are certain IaaS selection criteria for our business workflows?
  • What are the ways for my business to source cloud services?


You will be guided to seeing past the cloud for your enterprise architecture – a key vision you’ll want to develop before jumping into your selection and budgeting process. You will learn the tips and tools for evaluating a cloud provider across six key areas – performance, security, support, pricing, tenure, and governance. And finally, we will review different sourcing models for cloud services.
In working with CIO’s, VP’s of IT, and hands on application and data center managers, we repeatedly hear the same concerns when sourcing cloud services. Perhaps you can relate…
  • “We are finding the sheer number of provider choices overwhelming, and wondering where to start.”
  • “We are not sure if we are talking to the best providers for OUR needs. We have started out on a cloud project and now feel the sands shift under our feet.”
  • “How do we keep up with the ever-changing landscape?”
Maybe you received pricing from two or three providers with an extreme variance in price. For example, on a recent project, a client requested pricing for cloud storage. We provided the same specifications to three providers, whose responses ranged from ...

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