What is a Micro Data Center or Mini Data Center?

Due to their compact design, micro data centers and mini data centers can be deployed at the edge of the network and are often used for edge computing applications. They contain all of the compute, storage, networking, as well as the infrastructure to contain and support the workload. Rack, Cooling, Backup Power, Power distribution...with everything contained in a single IT Rack.

IoT (Internet of Things), content delivery, and 5G have created a large demand for low-latency access to data processing and data storage. Traditional centralized data centers, such as those used by AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Microsoft Azure were designed to create economies of scale and enable cloud computing, they cannot economically bring data processing close enough to end-users for these distributed workload use cases like micro data centers can.

Another benefit of these solutions is flexibility. Self Contained Data Centers (micro datacenters and mini datacenters) can be installed in a variety of spaces traditional data centers can’t (e.g. IT or network closets), and are more cost effective and energy efficient than building out a small data center or computer room. Why supply power and cooling to a whole room when all you need is a Refrigerator sized IT Cabinet? In addition, they can be scaled up or down based on the environment they’re in.

Why Partner with ECS for Your Next Micro Datacenter?

What defines a Micro Data Center and Why You Need One?

  • Low Latency
  • Reduced Energy Cost
  • Simplify the IT Environment
  • Ready-made solution
  • Self-Contained cooling
  • Small footprint

Mini data centers are also small scale modular data centers, but the size of a mini data center varies from a single 19 inch IT rack to several Racks acting as a self-contained computer room.

Other items that might be included:

  • Fire Suppression system
  • Security: Locks, remote access, cameras
  • Electro-magnetic, auto-opening door system forces the doors open in emergency high-heat and power outage situations
  • Environmental Monitoring: Temp & Humidity, Leak detection.
  • Remote access and Control: Local and remote KVM and Console Servers

These versitile Micro Data Center and Mini Data Center products are fully integrated solutions.  Manufacturers can test and validate performance so that all of the components work seamlessly together. These systems are quick to deploy and many are pre-installed, available in different configurations, and designed to be efficient to operate. Whether you need to support a single rack of IT gear or a row or Racks that is modular and can grow. The solution allows you the flexibility to start small and expand over time.

Vertiv - Mini Computer Room

Vertiv rack enclosure protection solutions bring together the full range of Vertiv support systems into a single package. Depending on the level of protection required, these self contained systems can include comprehensive, computer-grade support features such as cooling, power, monitoring and security — all integrated in a seamless, qualified design.

Designed for smaller non Data Center or Computer Room Applications. Allows a comprehensive integrated design for quick deployment, pre-qualified and ready for deployment.


  • Environmental Control Module
    • computer-grade air conditioning load matched to UPS.
  • Back-up Cooling Module
    • provides cooling in the event of a power loss or can be utilized to reduce energy consumption with the BCM Energy Saver Control.
  • UPS Battery backup
    • provides back-up power protection
  • Intelligent Rack PDU
    • also available to provide outlet level power control and monitoring at the receptacle level.
  • Multiple monitoring options
    • provide alarm and enclosure status.

Vertiv™ VRC-S Edge-Ready Micro Data Center System

vertiv vrc s 3crThis pre-integrated, enclosed micro data center is designed to be up and running at an edge application in days. Available in eight pre-built standard options with four rack sizes and two voltages (120V or 208V) to choose from, the solution incorporates rack power distribution unit’s of your choice (PDU), embedded monitoring software, and the Vertiv™ VRC self-contained cooling kit in an enclosed standard IT edge rack. Just add the UPS of your choice.

Backup fan system connected to intelligent sensors and pre-programmed outlets. Enjoy additional protection with emergency airflow provided during outages, extending your time for a graceful shutdown and further ensuring IT equipment availability.

Save time and money and simplify your edge IT challenges with rapid, cost-effective deployment and easy installation with no contractor required. 3-Year standard warranty with optional 5-year protection for the rack and rPDU Protect your entire system for complete peace of mind.

White Glove Installation Service are available: Get your system off to the best possible start

An all-in-one IT solution from Schneider Electric (APC)

APC ecostruxure 3EcoStruxure™ micro data centers are complete IT solutions that combine power, cooling, security, and monitoring in an enclosed rack system. A smaller footprint allows for flexible installation. EcoStruxure IT Software & Services, users can remotely monitor and manage for more informed, data-driven decisions.

Choose from a wide range of enclosures for traditional IT spaces, harsh or industrial areas, and office or commercial spaces.

The S-Series is designed for standard IT environments such as small server rooms or network closets that are secure, climate controlled, and purpose-built for IT gear.

The C-Series is designed for commercial environments such as offices, retail spaces, stock rooms, healthcare or education facilities, factory control rooms, and light warehouse spaces.

The R-Series is designed for rugged environments such as warehouses, factory floors, plants, and other harsh locations. They feature sealed enclosures, active cooling options, and enhanced security and filtration.

Configurable and pre-integrated solutions available.

Edge Micro Data Center Solutions by Rittal

Rittal ECS Website Edge Graphic 11x8.5 V3Where is the Edge? The Edge is any place that is not a data center – it can be located on a factory floor, warehouse or distribution center, transit hub, offshore oil rig, and more. The Edge installation is suited for any location that does not have the benefits of a full-service IT space, but demands the same high levels of data management, protection, physical security, and installation stability to ensure maximum network availability.

From a single standalone rack enclosure to a multi-bay installation in a small computer room, Rittal meets the demands of mission critical deployments for Edge applications. The RiMatrix Micro Data Center (MDC) portfolio of solutions provides the complete infrastructure: rack enclosure, climate control, power distribution, monitoring & security, and in-rack fire suppression.
Of all these components, proper climate control and thermal management are the most critical requirements at the Edge.

  • Blue e+ air conditioners are ideal for standalone rack enclosure applications and are suited to meet the heat removal requirements while providing the higher level of environmental protection demanded for Edge installations in non-traditional locations.
  • IIoT Interface for Blue e+ AC units enable users to have the power of remote and mobile monitoring, data transfer and sharing, and real-time insights into unit performance to avoid breakdowns and / or elevated maintenance costs.
  • LCP DX is best suited for multiple bayed rack enclosures and higher heat load applications while providing a scalable solution to expand as the IT load grows. LCPs will help to ensure the optimal operating environment regardless of installation location and ambient conditions.

To maximize capabilities and have a complete RiMatrix MDC Solution, Rittal CMC III Monitoring and Access Control System allows users to monitor critical environmental parameters and provides electronic access control. Intelligent PDUs and UPS systems provide optimized power distribution and back up for each installation. DET-AC fire suppression can be installed in any RiMatrix MDC solution for an added layer of protection. On-board network connectivity provides communication across all climate control and products allowing users to monitor, control, and react to all operations in every Edge installation.

Rittal’s Edge MDC Standalone System is a complete solution that provides all needed parts and equipment to deploy.

  • Rack enclosure
  • Climate Control
  • DET-AC fire detection / suppression
  • UPS power back up
  • Power Distribution
  • CMC III Monitoring and Control
  • Remote door locking and opening
  • Local controller display
  • IoT interface for remote monitoring

Enconnex Edgerack Micro Data Center

Edgerack 3P 1crSmart Cabinet Solution: The entire IT Infrastructure (network, storage, and computing) can be housed in one enclosed cabinet that works in traditional and non-traditional IT spaces. A fully integrated design that lets you load your equipment and go.

Plug and Play: The built-in, prefabricated, and pretested system has an integrated cooling unit and condensate water processing unit, allowing you to quickly and easily achieve deployment within hours.
Increased Equipment Efficiency & Heat Reduction: The smart cabinet’s enclosed system, well-insulated cooling aisle, and up to 3.5kW cooling unit with an inverter compressor and EC fans provide highly efficient protection for your sensitive IT equipment.

Enhanced Security: All of the doors and side panels have locking features, creating a secure environment for your critical IT Systems. Enjoy maximum protection with an intelligent magnetic lock that protects your equipment when outages or cooling failures occur.

Integrated Management: Built-in monitoring system with a touch screen user-interface makes it easy to view, receive notifications and control the units running status. Smart-Sensing: Temperature and humidity, smoke, and leak detection sensors are included to help you monitor your enclosed environment.

Power Management: Optional Lithium-Ion UPS Power protection and power distribution provides power-line protection and management.

The Enconnex EdgeRack Micro Data Center Products

Enconnex has developed a unique micro data center solution with everything you need in one high-quality cabinet. The EdgeRack is a fully integrated enclosure system that provides power, cooling, management, and security in a small footprint. This turnkey solution is ready to be outfitted with your IT equipment and installed anywhere space is limited, or heat levels could be a concern.

Edgerack 3P renderingEdgeRack 3P

The EdgeRack 3P Series Secure Integrated Cabinet is a fully integrated enclosure that provides power, cooling, management, and security in a small footprint. Equipped with 3.5kW of cooling, power management (3kVA of output power via the UPS), environmental sensors, remote monitoring, and intuitive controls, the 3P comes with a fully integrated monitoring environment for all the cabinets sensors--temperature, humidity, smoke detection, and leak detection.

Edgerack 8M FrontcrEdgeRack 8M Industrial - New!

The EdgeRack Industrial 8M is a micro data center cabinet for industrial environments and edge deployments. It includes a self-contained, side-mounted cooling unit with up to 8kW of cooling capacity. The EdgeRack Industrial 8M is the ideal solution for securing your IT infrastructure in manufacturing sites with less controlled or dirtier environments.


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