Out of Band Remote Server Management

vertivVertiv Solutions Connect and Manage IT Infrastructures

Vertiv has consistently lead the market with connectivity and manageability solutions that centralize control of not only servers, but also network devices in multiple locations. IT management solutions are available for the data center, production & broadcast studio, command center, branch locations and small to midsize businesses. 

The history of Vertiv innovations that have advanced the IT industry include: multi-platform/multi-user switching, analog matrix switching, extension over CAT 5, PCI bus extension, patented on-screen menus, remote KVM over IP connectivity, digital serial over IP, digital-analog integrated access to multiple servers, wireless KVM, hand-held solutions, and hub and spoke failover technology.

Vertiv's DSView IP KVM management systems eliminate distance limitations and provide 24/7 access and control of critical data centers. Vertiv centralized management software allows IT administrators to sit at a single console and have secure, local and remote control of multiple servers, serial devices, IPMI proxy appliances and power management systems.

Serial Consoles

With secure, remote access to console devices using ACS console servers, IT professionals and network operations center (NOC) personnel can conduct secure remote data center management including remote control, equipment monitoring or diagnosing and troubleshooting equipment.

Enterprise Control Systems offers a wide range of Console Port Servers which are a crucial tool in today’s high density/high compute environments

The Benefits of Console Port Servers Include:

Flexibility of Multiple Connections

  • Enable desk-based network administration
  • IPv6 support – ideal for remote device/console management, data capturing and monitoring
  • Provide direct device interface via In-band Telnet or SSH connections
  • Ensure essential backup using Out-of-Band dial up connections

High Security features

  • SSH to allow secure encrypted connections
  • Authentication done internally and/or via an external Radius server
  • Packet filtering to ensure only authorized systems gain access
  • Ability to disable unused daemons to increase security against hackers

Keeping Costs Down

  • Simple to install – once it is given an IP address it is ready to run
  • Support multiple systems over a single Out-of-Band connection
  • Reduce HR and travel costs

“No Break” Feature for Solaris Platforms

  • Generates significant saving of administrator’s time
  • Reduces costly server reboots
  • Keep system disruptions to a minimum

Vertiv™ Avocent® ACS 8000 Serial Consoles

The Vertiv™ Avocent® ACS 8000 Serial Consoles deliver secure in-band and out-of-band visibility and control to downstream equipment in enterprise data centers, as well as cloud and colocation facilities.


  • NEW! 4G LTE cellular connectivity provides both primary WAN interface and secondary failover support
  • NEW! - Environmental sensor port gives visibility into onsite conditions
  • Secure in-band and out-of-band network remote management
  • Fast, automated configuration with Zero Touch Provisioning
  • Access and troubleshoot remote locations using automatic network failover to cellular, Ethernet or analog modem
  • No need for adaptors with automatic Cyclades™ and Cisco pin-out conversions
  • Compliance with data center access and security policies customizable, multiple access levels
  • Expanded support for Rack PDUs from Vertiv™ Geist™, ServerTech, APC, Raritan and Eaton
  • Support for Vertiv™ GXT4 and Vertiv™ GXT5 UPS systems
  • IPv6 and IPv4 support for new network deployments
  • Integration with Avocent® DSView™ software for centralized management
  • Strong dial-up and secure dial-back using optional built-in modem
  • Console event logging and notification, including “last gasp” capture
  • Regulatory compliance and easy troubleshooting – online and off-line data logging with time stamps
  • Integrated support for 1Gb SFP fiber modules
  • 8 USB ports to support new IT equipment with USB console ports as well as external peripherals
  • Employs FIPS 140-2 cryptographic module for enhanced security Applications
  • Secure console and power management
  • Server and network management B
  • Avocent Mergepoint Unity KVM Switches 

The Vertiv™ Avocent MergePoint Unity KVM over IP Switch provides IT administrators a complete remote management solution to access and control servers, networking equipment and other devices found in data centers and branch offices.

  • Meet service level agreements and minimize downtime through a unified approach that provides IT administrators a faster method to diagnose, reconfigure, or restore equipment.
  • Virtual Media support enables USB media such as CD-ROMs, flash memory, and external drives to be virutally attached to a remote server's USB port.
  • CAC/Smart Card Support allows remote or local users to map a USB-based smart card reader to the attached servers and authenticate using their smart cards.
  • FIPS 140-2 compliance based on the FIPS 140-2 validated cryptographic modules (certificate number 1051).
  • Remote KVM sessions support HTML5 which eliminates the need to install a Java on clients.

Vertiv™ Avocent DSView Management Software

Avocent DSView software is the single-rack view needed for all your servers, embedded technologies, network equipment and power devices

Vertiv™ Avocent High Performance KVM

With Avocent HMX 5000/6000/8000 High Performance KVM and the Avocent Matrix system, users can access shared workstations from any number of desktops.

The Vertiv™ Avocent® HMX 6500R (receiver) High Performance KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) receiver is designed for organizations that need to provide workers the ability to seamlessly access and share one or more computing resource(s). This receiver provides access to both physical and virtual machines, allowing administrators to configure the management system to enable permissions without the addition of a new transmitter every time a user needs access. The HMX 6500R can integrate seamlessly with existing KVM infrastructures and is ideal for broadcasting, post-production, control centers and other industries where access to virtual machines is required.

When it comes to High Performance KVMs, the leading devices are the Vertiv™Avocent® IP-Based HMX 5000/6000/8000 and the Avocent® Matrix

When high resolution with no latency is needed, the Vertiv™ Avocent® HMX5000/6000/8000 High Performance KVM solutions provide you with what you are looking for. Being the leader in KVM switching, Avocent HMX High Performance KVMs are designed to deliver an “at-the-PC” experience for broadcast, live sports venues, control rooms, and governmental organizations. The Vertiv™ Avocent HMX 5000/6000/8000 series can be deployed in multiple ways: as point-to-point extenders directly connected or, over a network; point-to-multi-point extension; or as a fully-matrixed KVM solution.

The Vertiv™ Avocent® Matrix High Performance KVM is a solution for environments where security and quality are paramount. The Matrix solution is a self contained high performance switching system, that includes the matrix switch, as well as the receiver and transmitter. The system supports both digital and analog video input, as well as switching of USB devices, audio and microphone.

These high performance KVMs help organizations improve workflow by providing secure access and control for many users to multiple target computers, while enabling engineering to efficiently maintain these resources.

KVM Extenders

The KVM extension solutions enable customers to separate users from computers with simple connect-and-go ease of installation. KVM and peripheral devices can operate up to 1,000 feet away from the computer or switch with the LongView extender family, which automatically compensates for any performance degradation over the extension connection to deliver a true “at the PC” experience for the user.

Raritan a brand of Legrand

Raritan a brand of legrandAn industry pioneer, Raritan was established in 1985 and is a global provider of Cat5 KVM, KVM-over-IP, serial-over-IP, Intelligent Rack Power Distribution, server and network monitoring and management solutions. Raritan's products and solutions allow businesses of all sizes to monitor, access, control and manage hundreds of servers and other IT devices from anywhere at anytime. 

Raritan's award-winning KVM technologies help dramatically reduce costs associated with hardware, personnel, physical space, power consumption and security. Raritan solutions also help reduce IT infrastructure downtime while boosting the productivity of IT staff.

Raritan, Inc. is a leading supplier of solutions to securely monitor, access, control and manage servers and other IT devices in data centers, server rooms and remote offices. Raritan solutions manage millions of servers at more than 50,000 data centers, computer test labs and other sites around the world. Raritan's complete line of Cat5 analog and KVM-over-IP switches, serial-over-IP, Intelligent Rack Power Distribution, Power management and remote connectivity products provide the most reliable, flexible, scalable and secure solutions to monitor and manage IT infrastructures, while reducing downtime and improving operational productivity.

ECS provides full service sales, installation, and support for the entire Raritan product line.


Award-winning, enterprise-class KVM-over-IP switches that provide BIOS-level access and control of your servers over your LAN, WAN, Internet connection or dialup.

Raritan Dominion KX lll

The Dominion KX III is Raritan's flagship enterprise-class KVM-over IP switch that provides 1, 2, 4 or 8 users with BIOS-level remote management of 8, 16, 32 or 64 servers in a single switch.  With industry leading video performance, security, and enhanced reliability, the Dominion KX III outperforms the competition. With standard features such as DVI/HDMI/DisplayPort digital video, VGA analog video, audio, virtual media, smart card/CAC, and mobile access, the Dominion KX III is suitable for both general computer and dynamic broadcast applications.

It's ideal for Server Rooms, Test Labs, and the Largest Enterprise Data Centers. KX III offers high performance web-based remote management of servers, storage, and network devices and virtually any application.  Deploy individually, or centralize with Raritan’s CommandCenter Secure Gateway. 

Fast Video Switching:Once the Dominion KX III’s advanced video resolution detection has calculated a target server’s video characteristics, connections to the server occur almost instantaneously. This gives the Dominion KX III user immediate access in most cases to all connected servers. Mouse and Keyboard Features

Absolute Mouse Synchronization:The Absolute Mouse Synchronization feature is the ultimate mouse synchronization solution. For Windows and Mac® servers with a compatible USB mouse port, there is no need to adjust the mouse settings on the target server. This reduces installation time and enhances the Dominion KX III’s plug-and-play nature. In addition, the remote and target server mouse pointers never go out of synchronization. This feature is enabled by the D2CIM-VUSB and D2CIM-DVUSB virtual media CIMs.

High Definition (HD) Remote Video Resolution — 1920x1080 :The Dominion KX III is the first and only KVM-over-IP switch to support full High Definition (HD), 1080p remote video resolution. In addition, popular widescreen formats are supported, including 1600x1200, 1680x1050 and 1440x900, so remote users can work with today’s higher resolution monitors.

Third-Generation High Performance Hardware Architecture:Featuring the industry’s best KVM-over-IP performance, the Dominion KX III provides high performance, anytime/anywhere remote access and control for IT administration, lab management, and even the most demanding broadcast applications. The KX III’s third-generation architecture sets a new standard for performance, reliability, security, usability and compatibility.

3rd Generation Video Processing for Streaming HD Video and Audio:The KX III’s third generation video processing engine supports traditional IT applications to the most dynamic broadcast applications requiring 30 frames-per-second 1920x1080 video, 24 bit color, digital audio and DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort and VGA video.

Dominion KX IV-101

4K KVM-over-IP Switch, Single-Port Ultra Performance Solution

The Dominion® KX IV-101 (DKX4-101), Raritan’s highest performing KVM-over-IP switch, provides a new level of Ultra HD 4K performance for remote access and management. More powerful and flexible than any other KVM-over-IP solution, it supports higher video resolutions, faster frame rates, higher video quality, and substantially faster virtual media. Manage up to 8 serial devices with optional DSAM modules.

The KX IV-101 supports unblocked, Java-free, BIOS-level remote access of a single server, PC or workstation over LAN, WAN or even the Internet. A native HDMI device, the KX IV-101 has available cables/adapters for VGA, DVI, Mini DisplayPort, and USB-C. It provides users the most flexibility with access remote computers via User Station, laptop, PC or smartphone. The KX IV-101 supports many of the popular Dominion features such as virtual media, absolute mouse synchronization, LDAP/Radius/AD authentication, AES encryption, support for up to 8 simultaneous sessions, and much, much more.

Ultra High Performance 4K and 1080p

The Dominion KX IV-101 supports access to servers with 4K video resolution (3840x2160), up to 30 frames per second with the new KX IV User Station. It also supports HD resolutions up to 1920x1080 and 1920x1200 at up to 60 frames per second with high quality 4:4:4 color for high quality images and video.

Dominion Features and Compatibility

The KX IV-101 supports many of the popular Dominion features such as: BIOS-level access, virtual media, absolute mouse synchronization, LDAP/Radius/AD authentication, AES encryption, and support for up to 8 simultaneous sessions. Utilize the KX IV-101 with the other Dominion products, KX III or IV User Stations. Native support for HDMI, with optional adapters for VGA, DVI, Mini DisplayPort and USB-C.

Integrated KVM Solution

The KX IV-101 scales with Raritan’s CommandCenter management system, allowing multiple users to access multiple KX IV-101 and KX III switches, in single or multiple locations, across the country or even the world. CommandCenter integrates with the KX User Stations, Dominion products, as well as popular IT solutions such as VNC, RDP and SSH.

High Performance KX IV User Station

A new, more powerful KX IV User Station supports 1 to 3 monitors with 4K and high performance 1080p applications.

Dominion SXII

Serial Console Server - Your Next Generation Solution

The Dominion SX II is Raritan's next-generation serial console server / terminal server. It provides serial-over-IP access and control of serial devices — anytime, anywhere. It's the most powerful, secure, reliable, easy-to-use console server on the market. Enjoy unrivaled control over servers, networking devices, security appliances, rack PDUs, virtual hosts, and wireless / telecom equipment!

The SX II supports the widest variety of serial-over-IP connections via SSH/Telnet Client, Java-free web-browser, CommandCenter, telephony modem, cellular modem, and at-the-rack access. Raritan offers thirteen different 1U appliances to connect to 4, 8, 16, 32 or 48 serial devices. All models have dual power supplies (AC or DC) and dual Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports.

The SX II builds on over ten years and 500 million hours of operation of the original SX. Besides the high performance serial processing from a more powerful hardware platform, the SX II includes the exciting new features described below.

Java-Free Serial-Over-IP Access

Complete CLI access and management via SSH, Telnet and Java-free web-browser, with convenient direct port access methods. Two script-based automatic configuration methods (TFTP server and USB stick) are available for fast installation and configuration changes. Scales to thousands of devices with Raritan's CommandCenter.

Powerful New Hardware

The Dominion SX II features a 1 GHz processor with an 8-fold increase in memory, dual power supplies (AC & DC), dual gigabit LAN ports, auto-sensing DTE/DCE ports, 4 USB ports, laptop/KVM access, port status LEDs, and telephone modem option for all models!

Military-Grade Security

Achieve military-grade security levels, including: strong AES and certified FIPS 140-2 encryption module, LDAP/RADIUS/Active Directory authentication, and dual stack IPv4 and IPv6 networking. Two factor authentication available with RADIUS and RSA SecurID tokens. New secure, two-factor authentication to login to the Dominion SX II with SmartCards, CAC and PKI certificates.

Broad Serial Device Support

Enjoy comprehensive serial device access to a wide range of equipment. Automatic DTE/DCE detection eliminates the need for rollover cables. Support for operating speeds of 1,200 to 230,400 bps with flexible, per-port serial options.


Adder Technology Logo500Established in 1984 by current CEO, Adrian Dickens, Adder has grown to become a global leader in the design and manufacture of connectivity solutions. For over 35 years, they have been developing market-leading products that bring control and peace of mind to customers managing mission-critical applications, across a wide range of industries.

Adder's range of high performance keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) solutions enable the real-time control of local, remote and global IT systems. Trusted by some of the world’s leading organizations, from transport hubs like Heathrow Airport to leading post-production houses such as Skywalker Sound and Illumination Entertainment, our products are renowned for their technical excellence and reliable performance.

Adder’s high performance IP KVM solutions improve user experience, desktop ergonomics and production workflows for customers around the world.

Their KVM switch technology is used by control room operators to access and manage multiple computers from a single workstation – often in a fast-paced and mission-critical situation. While their KVM extenders help operators working in extreme and hazardous environments to access their critical computers from a safe and remote location.

Adder’s portfolio of Secure KVM products are used by Government and Military organizations around the world to securely access and manage computers – whether they are housed in a traditional command and control center or on a military submarine.

Their KVM matrix technology combines all this functionality to deliver endless connectivity possibilities. Leading broadcasters, motor sports teams, social media powerhouses and world-leading transport hubs have all identified the benefits that a KVM matrix can deliver - unparalleled flexibility, huge cost savings and improved resiliency.


High Performance IP KVM Powering Real-Time, Pixel Perfect, Control of Devices Anywhere on your Network, Anywhere in the World.

The multi award-winning ADDERLink INFINITY range gives your business infinite opportunities. It is designed to enhance your operational effectiveness, improve inter-team collaboration, streamline IT workflows, secure your network and so much more.  Trusted by organizations around the world, the ADDERLink INFINITY range can be used as a point-to-point extender, or as an IP KVM matrix utilizing your existing IP network, to give thousands of users real-time access to their computers – no matter where they are based.


ATEN logoAll ATEN products provide complete security and unwavering reliability that is compliant with leading industry security standards. Innovative features for ensuring corporate IT integrity include cost-effective hardware segregation of servers on the Internet and Intranet and the Control Center Video Session Recorder (CCVSR), which records all operations of computers accessed through ATEN’s KVM over IP Switches.

ATEN solutions create optimized work environments through centralized control, with the added peace of mind of secure remote access. Multiplatform support allows a combination of PC, Mac, Linux, and Sun computers- as well as Serial Interface devices- to happily coexist on a single installation.

ATEN solutions provide direct connection and zero-latency distribution, ideal for time-critical applications. Powered by ATEN’s unique Scalers and seamless engines, ATEN's Seamless Switch™ Series delivers fast and precise video streaming without delay. ATEN’s KVM over IP Series provides access for scenarios requiring many-to-many topology. Being hardware-based, ATEN’s KVM over IP solutions also ensure greater security, reliability, and ease-of-use.

Remote Learning Solutions Guide
Education is the key driver for long-term economic growth in terms of productivity, better thinking skills, and a motivated workforce. With such an impact on quality of life, and the increasing importance of remote solutions as the world adapts to the post-COVID-19 New Normal, it is crucial that education remains not only accessible but also relevant. Adopting existing and new technologies for remote learning, as standalone solutions or in combination with larger Pro AV delivery and control solutions in the education environment, can ensure a better, brighter future for everyone.

Keeping pace with the changing nature of educational technology is both a challenge and an opportunity, as more and more universities and schools realize the increasing importance of equipping their facilities with classroom solutions that bolster their curriculums in appealing and effective ways. ATEN understand the increasing complexity of classroom environment requirements and we provide the devices and the control systems to enable students and teachers to collaborate in learning partnerships. ATEN has the right classroom solution for you.

Digital Signage
The key to a successful digital signage installation is the seamless distribution of A/V source content to multiple displays. No matter whether the content is from media players or computers, and the displays are for information or entertainment purposes, the distribution system must enable administrators to quickly and easily control the content displayed from a convenient, central location. ATEN has a digital signage solution that is flexible, scalable, seamless, affordable and, above all, tailored to meet your needs.

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