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Vertiv™ Avocent has consistently lead the market with connectivity and manageability solutions that centralize control of not only servers, but also network devices in multiple locations. IT management solutions are available for the data center, production & broadcast studio, command center, branch locations and small to midsize businesses.

Vertiv™ Avocent Solutions Connect and Manage IT Infrastructures

The history of Vertiv™ Avocent innovations that have advanced the IT industry include: multi-platform/multi-user switching, analog matrix switching, extension over CAT 5, PCI bus extension, patented on-screen menus, remote KVM over IP connectivity, digital serial over IP, digital-analog integrated access to multiple servers, wireless KVM, hand-held solutions, and hub and spoke failover technology.

Avocent IP KVM management systems eliminate distance limitations and provide 24/7 access and control of critical data centers. Avocent centralized management software allows IT administrators to sit at a single console and have secure, local and remote control of multiple servers, serial devices, IPMI proxy appliances and power management systems.

Serial and Audio-Visual Solutions

These solutions provide serial connectivity, audio and video extension both wired and wireless, and control systems for production & broadcast studios. Avocent multi-interface serial hubs and multi-port adapters help manage ports easily at the point of need whether local or remote. Professional audio and video extension products help you reach your target audience while increasing productivity and saving money. Serial and audio-visual solutions are used in many applications including retail point of sale, digital signage and broadcasting.

LANDesk Desktop and Data Center Automation Solutions

LANDesk, an Avocent company, creates exceptional solutions for real business problems. LANDesk has worked closely with leading technology vendors and industry standards bodies for over two decades to develop the most comprehensive, integrated systems. LANDesk delivers cost-effective security and process management solutions that help IT teams automate and simplify the management of desktops, servers, and mobile devices. With long-standing partner relationships and solutions successfully deployed at leading enterprises worldwide, LANDesk continues to deliver rapid innovation and time to value to help organizations achieve their business objectives.


ECS Sells and Supports Avocent's Full Line of Solutions

ECS is a top level, Platinum Elite Take Command, Certified Partner of Vertiv™ Avocent®. As such, ECS is able to offer competitive pricing coupled with premium service offerings. All our customers expect and receive rapid technical support from our qualified technical staff. ECS employs Avocent® Certified Engineers capable of installing, servicing and supporting all of Avocent®'s technology.

To become an Avocent® Certified Engineer an individual must complete manufacturer and industry courses, pass technical exams, and have field experience in KVM OVER IP solutions.

In addition, the ECS sales staff is Avocent® Certified Sales Professionals. This certification requires coursework as well as a proven aptitude in Avocent® technologies.

IP based KVM

• DSR KVM over IP
• Autoview KVM over IP
• Switchview KVM over IP

KVM over IP

Desktop and Server Management Software

• DSView 3 Management Software
• LANDesk Management Suite

Desktop and Server Management

Server Processor Mangement

• MergePoint 5200
• MergePoint 5224
• MergePoint 5240

Server Processor Management

Cabinet Level Power Management

• Cyclades AlterPath PM Series PDUs

Power Distribution


Analog KVM

• AMX Series Enterprise Matrix Switch
• AutoView Series
• SwitchView SC - EAL4+ Certified

Analog KVM

Audio Visual Extension & Broadcast

• Emerge Audio Visual Extenders
• Longview Wireless Extenders
• Broadcast Studio KVM


A/V Extension


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