Data Center Knowledge Guide to Modular Data Centers


A modular solution takes the best ideas for design, reliability and efficiency and packages everything into a prefabricated, repeatable and operationally optimized module. Now data centers can grow and expand while using efficient modular technologies.  Exploring the modular product and provider markets, as well as the benefits that a modular approach can provide will allow any company to better align their IT infrastructure with the needs of an evolving business environment.


The concept of a modular data center solution has eluded definition, if not comprehension. Through the short history of modular solutions and vendor marketing, a definition and categorization of solutions has emerged. A modular data center can be defined as more of an approach to data center design that incorporates contained units, many times in the form of prefabricated modules. The modular market started with an international standard approach in the shape of an ISO (International Standards Organization) shipping container and has evolved to a fledgling market of vendors that produce everything from containers to a variety of modular designed products and solutions for IT, power and cooling. In some ways the shift in IT...

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