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Given that data centers represent tens of millions of dollars of investment for your organization, with constant asset turnover, while running your critical business applications and pressing up against resource constraints of power, space, and networking, you should demand the solution that literally reflects the industry’s needs. Whether you are a CxO or part of an IT, Facilities or Data Center management team, the Nlyte 7 data center infrastructure management (DCIM) suite, defined in part by our extensive client base, can help. 

Nlyte counts some of the world’s most valued companies, with the most sophisticated data centers, with deployments in the tens of thousands of racks as clients today. Plus, Nlyte is purpose-built software that is fully extensible, scalable, modular, web-based, with the industry’s first business intelligence and workflow engines, a web services API for seamless 3rd party integrations, the industry patent on asset allocation and the industry’s only contextual content repository with asset relationships.

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