Cooling Capacity Factor (CCF) Reveals Stranded Capacity and Data Center Cost Savings


The average computer room today has cooling capacity that is nearly four times the IT heat load. Using data from 45 sites reviewed by Upsite
Technologies, this white paper will show how you can calculate, benchmark, interpret, and benefit from a simple and practical metric called the Cooling
Capacity Factor (CCF)1.
Of the 45 sites that Upsite reviewed, the average running cooling capacity was an astonishing 3.9 times (390%) the IT heat load. In one case, Upsite observed 30 times (3,000%) the load. It is hard to believe that sites are this inefficient.
When running cooling capacity is excessively overimplemented, then potentially large operating cost reductions are possible by turning off cooling units and/or reducing fan speeds for units with directly variable fans or variable frequency drives (VFD).  Though a great deal of focus is placed on improving computer room cooling efficiency, the average data center could reduce their operating...