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MiniRaq-500.jpgMiniRaQ by Eaton

The MiniRaQ by Eaton is the ideal vertical wallmount rack enclosure for edge IT and power management equipment. Capable of supporting up to 400 pounds in a compact footprint, the MiniRaQ provides an edge solution for customers looking for a reliable wallmount rack enclosure capable of fitting into confined spaces. With 50 percent smaller footprint than competitive solutions, MiniRaQ wallmount cabinet is ideal for network closets and edge applications.

Eaton Paramount Enclosures

Formerly Wright Line Paramount Enclosures

Paramount, the industry leading enclosure system, is compatible with virtually all major servers, switches and other networking equipment that provides unparalleled levels of storage, cooling, power integration, cable management and a broad range of rack accessories.

Eaton Paramount Enclosures - Features

  • ·       Robust welded steel frame with 3,000 lb. static loading (without casters)
  • ·       Cable management integrated into frame
  • ·       Solid, split perforated or full-size perforated doors
  • ·       Side panels or divider panels (for bayed enclosures)
  • ·       Leveler feet or casters
  • ·       Wide range of top cover options including networking top
  • ·       Airflow management options including blanking panels, chimneys, brushes for cabling areas, gasketing
  • ·       Recessed mounting for ePDU’s built into rear upright to maximize available space in rear of cabinet
  • ·       Tool-less adjustable rackmount rails
  • ·       Full range of cable management options including vertical cable management, Velcro straps, spools, strain relief bars – and much more
  • ·       Cable chase option to support cable-intensive requirements
  • ·       Conversion kits for popular high-performance switches

TelescopicChimney (TC): Compatible with Paramount Enclosures The passive TC system combined with Paramount Enclosure components creates a vertical channel that directs the heat exhaust of IT equipment to your cooling equipment through plenum ceilings. Hot air isolation at the enclosure level allows you to increase rack densities and maximize cooling efficiencies.

Eaton Paramount Seismic Enclosures: Seismic enclosures are the solution of choice for installations where shock and vibration are factors. This includes earthquake zones, transportation (railway and shipboard) and other environments such as power plants and airports. Seismic enclosures protect your electronics by providing enhanced frame strength and rigidity. 

Eaton Paramount Hygiene Enclosures: The Paramount Hygiene configuration offers enhanced features for high-density cooling and containment. The frame ensures zero air leakage around the front perimeter of the unit and includes a high-flow door which features 75 percent open perforation. Best of all, these enclosures can be ordered as a single product number! 

Eaton's racks and enclosures enable you to store, cool, power, manage and secure your critical IT equipment.

Wrightline Enclosures

Paramount™ Enclosures

Eaton's premium enclosure system offers the industry's broadest range of compatibility, accessories and options for mission-critical data center equipment.


Wrightline Vantage S2

Vantage S2™

This flexible enclosure system is a cost-effective alternative to Paramount, offering the same level of compatibility with many of the same options and accessories.


Wrightline Vantage Enclosures

Vantage™ Enclosures

Many customers have chosen to standardize on this versatile enclosure system which allows you to keep pace with the rapidly evolving server market.


Wrightline Four Post Rack

Four Post Rack™

Eaton's Four Post Rack offers an open, accessible and unrestricted architecture for cable-dense networking equipment as well as traditional server equipment.

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