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Vendor Neutral Modular and Container Based Data Centers

Build your ContainerECS Next Generation Data Centers are Modular and Container based data centers. This data center deployment strategies have been a hot subject in the data center industry recently. They are an effective and fast way to implement extra capacity for current data centers that have run out of space and/or cooling. ECS Next Generation Data Centers are an effective way to increase the capacity of your existing data center infrastructure in a rapid and cost effective manner. In addition ECS Next Generation Data Centers are an excellent way to deploy a data center in remote or temporary locations.

Currently the most compelling reason to deploy an ECS Next Generation Data Center may be the energy savings, involved when deploying these energy efficient systems. The ability to save energy in the data center equates to a direct operational cost savings. ECS Next Generation Data Centers can save up to 40 to 50% operational expenses over traditional data centers.

ECS Next Generation Data Centers are vendor neutral modular and container based data centers that offer a lot of flexibility, as it will be very easy to deploy individual modules or containers designed to meet specific needs in terms of power and cooling densities, equipment types, and location demands which is harder to do in large traditional data centers. In addition, these data centers afford the flexibility for global enterprises with a large amount of equipment at multiple locations to configure containers from a central location and then deploy them around the world.

The scalability of ECS Next Generation Data Centers is an advantage over traditional data center space as it allows enterprises with multiple data centers to move capacity between the data centers as required. The deployment time of expanding a facility is much shorter when compared with a traditional data center. Data Centers can take years to design, build and make operational. ECS Next Generation Data Centers can be operational in just a few months.

The ECS Difference

ECS Next Generation Data Centers are offered as a full service solution. From Consultation and Design to Load Testing and Deployment the ECS team of egineers, account executives and project managers are with you throughout the process. It is the goal of the ECS Next Generation Data Center Team to not only bring your data center project in on time and within budget but to make the entire process as smooth and seemless as possible.

ISO Container Based ECS Next Generation Data Centers

Our ISO Container Based Data Centers are heavy duty highly secure modular technical rooms built inside a rugged, standardized steel freight container and are designed for outdoor applications. These data centers provide unique fire and thermal resistance, anti-vandalism, blast protection and water tightness. These container based vendor neutral data centers are a highly versatile, mobile solution ideal for mission critical telecom, IT, and network applications where high performance of servers, switches, and other computing and communications platforms is demanded.

Modular ECS Next Generation Data Centers

Our Modular Data Centers are compact and highly secure standalone IT rooms. These data centers are full featured and built with modular panels that can be designed for indoor or outdoor applications. These rooms are designed to provide fire and thermal resistance, anti-vandalism, and water tightness. They are equipped with the latest state of the art power supplies and air conditioning systems. The ECS Next Generation Data Center Modular offerings are available as site built alternatives to a traditional data cener build as well as factory built and delivered ready to deploy.

Micro Container Based ECS Next Generation Data Centers

Our Micro Container Based Data Centers are vendor neutral high density self contained data center modules. They are designed to be moved with equipment mounted in place. Customers can continue to add single modules or groups of modules as their requirements increase. These airtight, water tight, shock and vibration isolated modular data centers can be deployed in a variety of indoor and outdoor conditions where only power is available. Customers can expect the implementation of a 14 square foot module or group of modules taking 80% less time, 50% less cost than a traditional data center design and build project.

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Self Contained Data Center - Mobile Data Center Platforms

Our Containerized Micro Data Centers Offer:

Closed Loop Cooling within Enclosure

  • 50-80% More Energy Efficient
  • 30-50% Reduced Energy Cost
  • Integrated Hot/Cold Aisle

Disaster Tolerant Data Center Environment

  • Air Tight and Fire Resistant
  • Water Proof (NEMA 3R)
  • EMI/RFI Shielded
  • Integrated Physical Security w/ Electronic Audit Trail
  • Sealed Connectivity Provided Through Patch Panel
  • Purpose Built to be Mobile and Re-locatable
  • Earthquake, Shock and Vibration Protected
  • 12KW/RASER provides 600W/ft²  
  • 12KW/RASER with DUAL HVAC provides 600W/ft²
  • 17KW/RASER provides 850W/ft²

Product Offerings

  • Full Size Enclosure (42U)
  • Half Size Enclosure (22U)
  • Fully Mobile or Easily Re-locatable

Benefits of Containerized Micro Data Centers 

Energy Efficient

  • Closed Loop Cooling
  • Finely Managed Environments
  • Optimized Airflow
  • Increased Temperature Set Points

Reduced Capital Expense

  • Retrofit Current Data Centers
  • No Over Build/ Underbuild
  • Easy Upgrade

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Modular Datacenter News

Elliptical Mobile Solutions Introduces R.A.S.E.R. Agility in Row Cooling

CHANDLER, Ariz., Aug 21, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE via COMTEX) -- Elliptical Mobile Solutions (EMS) today announced it is introducing a dynamic new Micro-Modular Data Center product line that offers the agility to adapt to ever-changing density requirements in any data center environment both indoors and outdoors. The R.A.S.E.R. Agility in Row Cooling solution offers flexible densities - from 2.5KW to 80KW per cabinet - with little to no additional engineering or building modifications. Operators can add additional cabinets with scalable densities within the same row without having to worry about how higher density cabinets will impact the rest of the data center.


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