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ECS Next Generation Data Centers

Build your ContainerECS Next Generation Modular and Container data centers (NGDC) are an effective and fast way to bring compute power closer to the Edge or source of the workload. Especially when latency is critical. Designed and pre-engineered to work as a seamless unit for fast deployment in Non-Data Center or Computer room locations. They are also an excellent way to deploy a small data center in remote or temporary locations.

Some of the advantages of ECS NGDC’s:

  • Reliable - Pre fabricated, pretested integrated designs. 
  • Big savings on operational & utility expenses over traditional data centers.
  • Speed and ease of deployment - Pre engineered to work as a seamless unit.
  • Scalability - You can add modules as you need them. 
  • Standardized configuration for companies that want to deploy compute power to a number of unique locations 
  • The portability to move the Container or Modular unit when the project is complete and is needed for another application. 

More Information

ISO Container Based ECS Next Generation Data Centers (NGDC)

ISO ContainerISO Container Based Data Centers are heavy duty highly secure modular technical rooms built inside a rugged, standardized steel freight container and are designed for outdoor applications. These Units can be transported by land (train or truck) or sea (cargo ship). These data centers provide unique fire and thermal resistance, monitoring and water tightness. These container based data centers are a highly versatile, mobile solution ideal for mission critical telecom, IT, and network applications where high performance of servers, switches, and other computing and communications platforms is demanded. ISO Containers can be designed for a specific function (IT Container or MEP (Mechanical, Electrical Plant)  or for a combination of IT Cabinets and Infrastructure support (Power, Switching & cooling). 

Small modularSmall modular designed Data Center PODs

A complete pre-engineered data center in a Row or Aisle configuration in just weeks not months. From four to fourteen racks with data center grade thermal management, UPSs, power management, monitoring and control technologies and cable management all in an enclosed room neutral system. With multiple ways to configure for future expansion, power and cooling redundancy levels and emergency ventilation – it’s a flexible solution to meet today’s needs while being prepared for the unknown of tomorrow.

Micro Based NGDC’s

microThese compact and highly secure standalone IT Cabinets are like a small Data Center in a single cabinet. They are full featured and designed for smaller IT loads for non computer room locations. Placing the compute power closer to where it’s needed. They are equipped with the latest state of the art monitoring, security, UPS backup power, Intelligent rack PDU’s and air conditioning systems.


Vertiv - Mini Computer Room

vertiv mini roomVertiv rack enclosure protection solutions bring together the full range of Vertiv support systems into a single package. Depending on the level of protection required, these self contained systems can include comprehensive, computer-grade support features such as cooling, power, monitoring and security — all integrated in a seamless, qualified design.

Designed for smaller non Data Center or Computer Room Applications. Allows a comprehensive integrated design for quick deployment, pre-qualified and ready for deployment.


  • Environmental Control Module
    • computer-grade air conditioning load matched to UPS.
  • Back-up Cooling Module
    • provides cooling in the event of a power loss or can be utilized to reduce energy consumption with the BCM Energy Saver Control.
  • UPS Battery backup
    • provides back-up power protection
  • Intelligent Rack PDU
    • also available to provide outlet level power control and monitoring at the receptacle level.
  • Multiple monitoring options
    • provide alarm and enclosure status.

The ECS Difference

ECS NGDC offerings are a full service solution. From Consultation and Design to Load Testing and Deployment. The ECS team is with you throughout the process. It is the goal of the ECS Team to not only bring your data center project in on time and within budget but to make the entire process as smooth and seamless as possible.

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