Knürr Miracel® Server and Network Racks

Emerson Knürr Miracel® Server and Network Racks

Knurr Miracel networking rack is equipped with four aluminum EIA rails with T-slot system. This allows flexible assembly of accessories and no gaps between front panels. A stationary plinth in the standard supply schedule means that even in locations without a raised floor, cable entry from below can be managed comfortably. The top cover includes a flexible opening for top cable entry, as well as the option of adding a fan unit.

Modular construction: Easy mounting, including all nonstandard components – variable and in integrated 19” or 25 mm increments.

Forward-thinking: Security for the future and flexibility with integration of 19” and metric technology.

Expandable at all times: System expansions can be easily implemented while maintaining the IP protection rating.

Cable management: Guaranteed orderly and space saving cable management. Adjustment to installation site, cable management can be selected from extensive range of accessory components.


Flexible ventilation components: The correct ventilation solution is always provided by the corresponding selection of accessory components. This allows the airflow to be specially adapted to the built-in components. Through the perforated bottom covers, top covers and doors, for example.



APC Netshelter SX

NetShelter SX

(Low to High Density Server, Networking, and AV Applications)
Feature-rich enclosures optimized for easy installation, managing cables, integrating power distribution, and maximizing airflow.

APC Netshelter CXNetShelter CX

(Office, Non-IT Space)
A soundproofed server room in a box which allows for IT deployment wherever and whenever it is needed, saving space, cost and deployment time.

APC Specialty EnclosuresSpecialty Enclosures

(Wall-Mount, Seismic, Office Applications)
IT enclosures designed for specific environments and applications

APC Open Frame RacksOpen Frame Racks

(Networking and Patching Applications, Low Density Server Applications) Open racks for easy access to IT equipment and cabling.

APC also offers solutions for Airflow Management, Data Distribution Cable, Cable Management, and Mounting Hardware.


CPI - Chattsworth

CPI’s industry leading two-post relay racks and four-post open racks provide unsurpassed strength, stability and durability for supporting rack-mount patch panels, high-density blocks, cabling and other equipment.

CPI Chatsworth

CPI Rack Systems include the following benefits:

  • High-quality construction and design
  • Fixed mounting rails, most with RMU markings, ideal for support of patch panels, termination blocks and other equipment
  • EIA-310-D-Standard hole pattern
  • Small base to save floor space
  • Unrestricted airflow for ventilation
  • Easy access to cables for moves, adds and changes
  • Large variety of styles and sizes for various configurations

Other racks offered:

  • Two Post Racks
  • Four Post Racks
  • Cable Management Systems
  • Seismic Protection Systems

Wrightline - Eaton


Eaton Paramount Enclosures

Formerly Wright Line Paramount Enclosures

Paramount, the industry leading enclosure system, is compatible with virtually all major servers, switches and other networking equipment that provides unparalleled levels of storage, cooling, power integration, cable management and a broad range of rack accessories.

Eaton Paramount Enclosures - Features

  • ·       Robust welded steel frame with 3,000 lb. static loading (without casters)
  • ·       Cable management integrated into frame
  • ·       Solid, split perforated or full-size perforated doors
  • ·       Side panels or divider panels (for bayed enclosures)
  • ·       Leveler feet or casters
  • ·       Wide range of top cover options including networking top
  • ·       Airflow management options including blanking panels, chimneys, brushes for cabling areas, gasketing
  • ·       Recessed mounting for ePDU’s built into rear upright to maximize available space in rear of cabinet
  • ·       Tool-less adjustable rackmount rails
  • ·       Full range of cable management options including vertical cable management, Velcro straps, spools, strain relief bars – and much more
  • ·       Cable chase option to support cable-intensive requirements
  • ·       Conversion kits for popular high-performance switches

Read more: Wrightline - Eaton


Rittal Enclosures

Whether in small businesses or major enterprises, the demands placed on the IT infrastructure are unrelenting. In today’s mission-critical environments, no one has the expertise to protect and organize your vital IT equipment better than Rittal. As the world’s leader in enclosure solutions, Rittal continuously delivers innovative and reliable products to ensure high-performance information technology. With RimatriX5, Rittal provides peace of mind for the most important infrastructure issues facing data center and facility managers. Rittal offers:

  • Wallmount Network Enclosures
  • Network Enclosures
  • Server Enclosures
  • Cable Management

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