The Practical Science of Data Center Capacity Planning


As the need to balance current and future IT requirements against resource consumption becomes more urgent, the data center industry increasingly views capacity planning as a way of achieving a critical component to planning a new build or retrofit. Data center capacity planning can be a complex undertaking with far-reaching strategic and operational implications. DCD Intelligence has therefore compiled this White Paper in order to share some industry insights and lessons on the practical steps that are needed to develop a successful power and capacity planning strategy.
These insights are based on a series of 15 in-depth interviews conducted with market-leading data center owners and operators. They include Cisco WebEx,, Edmunds, Gigamon, IBM Global Technology Services, ING Bank and Scale Matrix. Between them, the organizations interviewed account for just less than 1 million staff worldwide and annual revenues of approximately US$ 350 billion. They own or operate approximately 400 data centers and labs world-wide.
DCD Intelligence conducted the interviews in December 2013 and January 2014. The interviews covered capacity planning and power management strategies adopted, paying particular...