Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

Successfully implement DCIM Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) is the integration of information technology (IT) and facility management disciplines to centralize monitoring, management and intelligent capacity planning of a data center's critical systems.

Achieved through the implementation of specialized software, hardware and sensors, DCIM enables a common, real-time monitoring and management platform for all interdependent systems across IT and facility infrastructures.

Listed below are some of the DCIM solutions that we offer.
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Sunbird dcTrack

dcTrack┬« is an award-winning, easy-to-use data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solution that provides you with real-time information about your facilities, networks and IT. dcTrack clearly visualizes your infrastructure to help you manage placement of your IT equipment, make informed capacity management decisions and keep accurate track of your data center assets. dcTrack is easy to implement, integrate, administer and operate, providing a fast ROI.


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Geist Environet & Racknet

Environet achieves the operational efficiencies for which Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCiM) solutions was intended. 

Environet provides the data granularity required for efficient management of the data center. With unprecedented visibility and management over environmentals, power consumption and cooling, Environet transforms complexity into simplicity. Its interactive interface delivers critical information to drive knowledge-based decision making. Access to real-time, holistic information about assets, power, environment and process empowers users to proactively manage moves, adds and changes. With Environet, decisions are made with speed and confidence, not guesswork.

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Schneider Electric StruxureWare

StruxureWare for Data Centers

StruxureWare is broken into several modules to provide complete visibility from the building level down to the Servers. StruxureWare for Data Centers enables businesses to manage their data centers across multiple domains. This integrated suite of DCIM applications provides actionable intelligence for an ideal balance of high availability and peak efficiency, helping data centers respond effectively to optimization requirements.  


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Emerson Network Power Trellis

trellis_logo_1_.jpgThe Trellis™ Dynamic Infrastructure Optimization Platform

Delivering Confidence through Connection


There’s a simple golden rule for IT and facilities organizations: Make the right decisions to maintain high availability, maximize efficiency and optimize the use of existing capacity. But in the modern data center, this is easier said than done. Constant change, complex infrastructure and rapid growth demand IT and facilities work together to keep the data center running at peak performance.


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About Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

Wikipedia defines Data Center Infrastructure Managementor (DCIM) as “the marriage of information technology and data center facility management disciplines”.

We define it as a simplification of your life in and out of your datacenter.  DCIM is a system management platform that addresses the management and monitoring of your physical assets in the datacenter. It takes a disciplined approach to managing the Physical Layer of IT with the goal of improving the quality of data provided to management, reducing the time required to provide this information and most importantly keeping your budget in the black.

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Emerson Avocent Data Center Planner

Avocent Data Center Planner is a visual infrastructure planning and management solution. It provides data center management with accurate and complete information about where devices and equipment are located, their current capacities and their growth.


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nlyte suite

The Nlyte suite helps you avoid infrastructure capacity issues, avoid losing track of physical assets and avoid lapses in efficiency in your data center.
Nlyte connects your organization’s IT to the data center physical infrastructure, replacing spreadsheets and Visio diagrams. Nlyte contains predictive intelligence and management controls to achieve smarter, more efficient and highly available data centers.


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Modius OpenData

Modius OpenData DCIM Solution

Better Decisions Require Accurate Data!

OpenData, an “open”, highly scalable software platform for collecting the unstructured “big data” that comes from all the different makes and models of data center assets, processes, and activities as they are generated in real-time. Real-time data collection is the core foundation for implementing a successful DCIM solution, because real data makes for informed decisions, not sloppy guesswork.  At Modius, we make it our business to provide you with the data you need to make better decisions and better manage availability, capacity, and efficiency across your entire data center estate.


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