Sunbird dcTrack

sunbirddcTrack® is an award-winning, easy-to-use data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solution that provides you with real-time information about your facilities, networks and IT. dcTrack clearly visualizes your infrastructure to help you manage placement of your IT equipment, make informed capacity management decisions and keep accurate track of your data center assets. dcTrack is easy to implement, integrate, administer and operate, providing a fast ROI.

Intelligent Capacity Management

  • Available power, space and network
  • Search, place and reserve IT equipment
  • Capacity trend and forecast

Change Management

  • Workflow for moves, adds and changes
  • Approvals and status
  • API's to third-party ticketing

Accurate Asset Management

  • All data center physical resources and logical connections
  • Maintenance and lease information
  • Intelligent rack asset strip


  • Dashboard
  • Floor plans
  • Rack and row elevations
  • Power chain
  • Network and data ports

Power and Energy Management

  • Accurate view of power usage
  • Easily monitor energy trends


  • Accurately track all assets across all global data centers


  • Intelligent monitoring to help you maintain the health of your data center


  • Reduce downtime and find stranded capacity with complete power monitoring.


  • Secure cabinets with electronic door locks, auditing, surveillance and role-based permissions. 

BI & Analytics

  • Explore zero-configuration dashboards and visual analytics that work right out of the box. 


  • Manage power and network connectivity with  visual trace routes, cable measurements and port connectivity. 

with dcTrack Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Software

  • Visualize a group of cabinet elevations
  • View asset details such as make, model, maintenance period, current, add and edit server, and network devices
  • Alert for physical changes at the rack to ensure asset accuracy